Top 10 Entrepreneurial Concepts with a 1 Lakh Investment

Check the list of the top 10 company concepts that might work on a budget of Rs. 1 lakh. Each idea presents a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to establish successful ventures. By applying the power of innovation, these ideas incorporate various domains, stretching from digital platforms to essential services. Initially, on this thoughtful journey as we explore the potential of these business ideas and unlock a world of entrepreneurial possibilities.

Idea 1: Virtual Tutoring

Objective: The goal is to use Internet platforms to provide educational services worldwide.


  1. Provide in-depth science, math, and English instruction.
  2. Create interesting educational content, then publish it on e-learning websites.
  3. Cooperate with educational institutions to boost student enrollment.
  4. Examine the cost of rivals and the demand for online instruction.
  5. Conduct online courses, provide study materials, and administer mock tests.

Idea 2: Social Media Consultancy

Objective: Manage social media accounts for organizations and people to improve their online presence.


  1. Considerations: Interact with individuals and small businesses seeking help with their social media presence.
  2. Create strategies and initiatives to increase engagement and followership.
  3. Offer monthly bundle packages to comparable businesses.
  4. Organise workshops on managing social media.
  5. Examine the pricing methods of market rivals to determine their competition level.

Idea 3: Digital Marketing Firm

Objective: To help businesses increase their online presence by offering digital marketing solutions.


  1. Services include website design, social media advertising, email marketing, and SEO optimization.
  2. Offer a limited number of clients discounted services to highlight exemplary achievements.
  3. To offer complete web marketing solutions and work with regional businesses.
  4. Create webinars and workshops that highlight the value of digital marketing.
  5. Analyze the demand in the market for digital marketing services.

Idea 4: Healthy Food Delivery

Objective: The goal is to supply wholesome meals at fair prices to people’s homes or places of employment.


  1. Work with regional chefs to create a menu of economical and healthful meals.
  2. Give subscription choices, daily and weekly food plans, etc.
  3. Make an intuitive app for easy ordering and delivery.
  4. Form alliances with neighbourhood fitness establishments and gyms for marketing campaigns.
  5. Analyze the demand for healthy food alternatives in the market and the level of competition in the food delivery industry.

Idea 5: Online Retail Store

Objective: Establish a framework for online shopping to accommodate various client demands while providing a smooth buying experience.


  1. Offer many things in many categories, such as clothing, technology, household goods, and more.
  2. Create an aesthetically beautiful website that has simple navigation and quick checkout procedures.
  3. Offer enticing specials and discounts to draw in and keep clients.
  4. To evaluate the functioning and appearance of websites, hold focus groups.
  5. Analyse industry competitiveness and market demand for online shopping.

Idea 6: Professional Cleaning Services

Objective: To offer cleaning services to anyone who needs help since they are pressed for time.


  1. Hire qualified individuals to provide cleaning services daily, weekly, or monthly.
  2. Offer reasonable rates and flexible scheduling possibilities.
  3. Utilize eco-friendly cleaning supplies to attract clients that care about the environment.
  4. Advertise services in regional newspapers and on the radio.
  5. Determine how the market’s current rivals are faring.

Idea 7: Personal Care and Grooming Services

Objective: Giving those who want a better appearance personalized grooming services.


  1. Work together with independent makeup artists and beauticians to provide specialized grooming services.
  2. Offer services like hair removal, cosmetics application, and styling.
  3. Form alliances with neighbourhood companies to provide staff with discounted services.
  4. Make personal grooming courses and seminars available.
  5. Analyze the personal care and grooming services market demand.

Idea 8: Mobile and Laptop Repair Services

Objective: To provide dependable repair services for computers, cell phones, and other electronic equipment.


  1. Offer affordable repair services for products like mobile phones and computers.
  2. Create an online reservation system for easy appointment scheduling.
  3. Provide on-site repair services when technicians go to customers’ homes or businesses.
  4. Organise workshops on maintaining and caring for technology.
  5. Analyse comparable services in the market.

Idea 9: Event Planning and Management Services

Objective: To deliver tailored event planning services for individuals and businesses.


  1. Customise event arrangements depending on customer preferences and financial restrictions.
  2. Offer venue options, catering, design ideas, and entertainment plans.
  3. Create a network of suppliers to offer complete event solutions.
  4. Advertise services in regional periodicals and on social media.
  5. Analyze the demand for event planning services in the industry.

Idea 10: Personalized Gift Boutique

Objective: To provide people and corporations with distinctive and personalized gift alternatives.


  1. Curate a variety of customized presents, such as keychains, photo frames, and coffee mugs.
  2. Offer corporate gift packages and bulk savings to businesses.
  3. Create a website that is beautiful and has simple checkout procedures.
  4. Offer quick delivery and gift-wrapping services.
  5. Analyze the market’s appetite for individualized gifts.
  6. To create and improve the most promising concepts:
  7. Analyze each concept’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats using SWOT.
  8. Prioritise concepts based on their viability and potential effect.
  9. To confirm that there is a market for the chosen company concepts, conduct market research.
  10. Create a thorough business strategy and seek advice from professionals in the field. Scroll over text

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